Weddings and Photography

Wedding photography is no walk in the park.  It’s not like you can just buy a camera and assume you’ve got everything you need.  One might think a Digital SLR is all that’s needed and pronto, wedding photos in a flash! There’s more complexity and artistry involved in photographing weddings than just pressing the shutter button here folks. In fact, a whole day of capturing a wedding, from the preparations to the reception,  can translate to more than a week of an average Juan’s time in the office.  That herculean effort includes arriving earlier than what was agreed to shoot the preparations, take quality photos of the ceremony and the reception afterwards and post processing a thousand or more photos to make an album that’s gonna stand the test of time.

As simple as summarizing the entire day in words, it’s actually the opposite. And as complicated wedding photography is, a certain discipline and skill-set is required to pull this one off. With consistent practice, one can be assured of improvement with each wedding he/she shoots. That, and a bounty of eye-catching photos to go along with your portfolio as a photographer.

So far, the team and I have captured one wedding and another is on its way this March 26. Here’s me hoping for more weddings to come. In the meantime, a portrait of a bride waiting for the rest of her life down the aisle:

Julio Munar Photography


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