Detailed and Cinematic Minimalism

Just like a kid surviving the ordeals of high school, a photographer will always find him or herself struggling to find one’s identity. It could take a thousand shots or even more before you do find what you’re really passionate about and how you would like to capture it.

But before anything else, let’s focus first on the “how” part.

Every photo you take with your camera, regardless of its brand or model, is a testament to your skill and identity. Your shots establish what you believe in and the way you see the world through your lens. With that being said, it’s imperative to find who you really are behind the viewfinder. Not doing so would only cause you and those who view your work unneeded confusion.

For my part, I have found my style and identity in the photos I take. It’s detailed and cinematic minimalism.

First, let’s tackle the detailed part. In my photos, detail plays a very important role in sending a message to people. Whether it’s something small like a single rose petal lying on the ground or something as big as the Chocolate Hills in Bohol, I make sure the details to be found in my shots complement each other and weave a story for your eyes. Every element in the photos I take is ensured to play a role and tell you what I’m trying to convey.

Julio Munar Photography


Next, the cinematic part. When I think of cinematic, the words drama, grandeur and awesomeness come into my mind. Cinematic, in my own opinion, is the ability to isolate the intended subject from the background to emphasize on it more. These are the things I want my photos to have when people look at them. As a result, I want those same people to be inspired by the idea that the photos they’re viewing are larger than life, yet simple enough for them to connect with. That’s cinematic for me.

Julio Munar Photography


Lastly, there’s minimalism. I’ve never been a fan of clutter in my photos. Never was, never have been and never will be.  Whether it’s something insignificant like a tree branch on the far right of the frame or a stranger walking suddenly into my portrait shot, I always make it a point to make things perfect as possible. This is done to ensure every element in my photos is as cohesive and united as possible. Thus, the passionate need for minimalism is born in every photo I take.

Julio Munar Photography


Putting the three together, I have my shooting style and identity – detailed and cinematic minimalism. As a photographer, whether you’re starting out with it as a hobby or have been around since the time of film, It’s important that you find your identity and stick with it as you improve.


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