Impressions: Nik Color Efex

I’m insanely jealous of those who get to use VSCO’s film emulator presets for Adobe Lightroom and all the classic film goodies it can do to your photos. But alas, I had to look for an alternative for my workflow. Fortunately, I came across Nik Software’s Color Efex for my needs.

As you can see, the left photo is the raw copy which I accidentally under-exposed. In the middle is the black and white version I did in Lightroom while the right one is processed using the Fuji 400H film effect in Color Efex.

Julio Munar Photography

After a day or so of playing around with the software, I’m impressed with how it renders skin tones to emulate 35mm films such as Fuji’s 400h. Since that’s the only film I’ve tested with my Yashica, it’s the only filter I can confidently judge.

Of course, that could change once I get my hands on VCSO’s offering anytime soon.


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