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My Life is Stellar

Exactly nine hours before a final exam I dread so much, I decided to let all my emotions out through photos.

With barely three hours of sleep and a heart beating a million times wilder than the usual, I resolved to forget about all the ugly possibilities and instead do what my heart really wants. In a sudden impulse, I edited the photographs taken on a two-day workshop I attended less than a month ago.

Then I realized, the extremes of emotions produce art.

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A Workshop

From A Workshop last weekend.

Kudos to our mentors – Toto Villaruel, Nicolai Melicor, Jaja Samaniego and Patrick Diokno for the tsunami of knowledge you flooded us with. That and for letting Tin and I use your Macs too.

Kudos to the models – Pilar, Kath, Gab and Jill for the chance to photograph such attractive people.

Kudos to our batch mates – Christine, MR, Vin, Ruel, Robert and Chris for the experience to be among awesome people who share a common interest.

And last, but never will be the least, kudos to Tin for any and every reason a person could have to smile.

Julio Munar Photography

Julio Munar Photography

Gear used: Nikon D90 + Nikkor 85mm f1.8D AF + Nikkor 40mm f2.8G AF-S Micro